Business Consultancy

Running a business is a tough gig. Sometimes, you just don't know the next step. When that time comes, all you need is a little push. I can give you this, in the form of fresh ideas, a new outlook and 10+ years of experience. 

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In-person or Over-the-Phone Consultation

For a solid hour of professional help with your social media.

1 hour @ $ AUD150.00

2 hours @ $ AUD300.00



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Social-Media Review & Plan

Just need someone to look at your social and tell you where you are going wrong? I can do this and give you a content plan full of 30 beautiful images ready to transform your brand. 

3 hours @ $ AUD380.00

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Whole Day Social Media Workshop

Do you need some serious social media and have a spare desk in the office? I'll visit and consult for the day.

7 hours 30 minutes @ $ AUD850.00


Presentation or Speaking Gig

Need someone with extensive public-speaking experience to get your conference guests giggling? Get in contact! 

1 hour @ $ AUD850.00


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