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Product Content

Writing professional copy for small-business websites is a long-term joy of mine. I write content that improves their visibility in search engines (via SEO), keeps visitors on the site longer (via clear, structured, well-written content) and converts more visitors into customers (via persuasive sales messages and strong calls-to-action).


Blog Content

Blog posts are a great way to tell your story, but they are also the number-one tool in your SEO belt. With fresh and engaging content, blog posts will flood traffic into your website, and give you plenty of content to share to your other social platforms. 


some of my work...


What to do if you have a crush on your Personal Trainer

All that stretching, sweating and panting make your personal training sessions feel very, well, personal. 



What Makes Sasha's Intimates Different

I am an unapologetic and long-time lingerie fanatic. Every now and then someone asks me why I am so obsessed with this thing that is so rarely seen and meant to come off shortly after its audience debut...



Should you be concerned about changes to stamp duty?

It is the latest hot topic in the real estate industry, the axe of stamp duty on first-home buyer purchases of $600,000 or less. 

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