How to Secure Your Site with HTTPS

When you access a website through Google Chrome, you might have noticed a “Secure” or “Not Secure” tag in the address bar. This tag usually appears before the URL on the left-hand side. It is an indication that the website is either secured with SSL certificate or not.


Google has confirmed that HTTPS is a ranking factor and acts as a tie-breaker if two websites of equal quality are up against each other for a top ranking. The secure/not secure tag also has an impact on the user’s trust and website reputation. That’s why it is important to secure your site with HTTPS. Here are some tips that will help you do just that:


1. Make Sure Your Hosting Situation is Secure


You won’t earn an SSL certificate if your hosting situation isn’t secure. If you’re sharing the IP with several other websites, it won’t be possible to add an SSL certificate to it. While getting a more secure hosting service can be a little expensive, it is worth the money.


Many users will abandon a website if it isn’t marked as secure. Make sure your website isn’t hosted on a shared IP address and is secure. This is the first step to gaining an SSL certificate.


2. Apply for SSL


The next step is to buy the SSL certificate. This is a series of numbers and code that is unique to your website, like a fingerprint or a password. When users visit your website, their system checks the code or password to confirm you are who you say you are. Once that confirmation is through, they access your website and are secure.


Almost all popular browsers will trust a Certificate Authority to ensure the page is secure. While it is possible for website owners to create their own certificate of identity, buying one from a trusted authority is more reliable.


3. Activate the Certificate


Your website host may complete this entire process for you. Just contact them and let them know you have purchased the certificate. If you want to do it yourself, there are several online guides that provide detailed tutorials.


Once the SSL certificate is installed, you’ll see a marked increase in your website traffic and reduction in your bounce rates.