Instagram Galleries - The Big Change

Instagram moves closer and closer to its big brother Facebook every month. Next step? Instagram Image Galleries.

According to multiple news sources, a new feature is coming to Instagram. Members of the Instagram Android Beta Program, have revealed that the latest beta version of Instagram will let users enable multi-photo selection (up to 10 photos per single post).

This feature will be similar to the Facebook Canvas Ad - where you can scroll through multiple images on a sponsored Instagram and Facebook post. At present, only advertisers have access to this functionality; however, it appears that shortly this will be open to all users.

This move is an interesting one. On one hand, this potentially saves us from endlessly scrolling past friends we morally can’t unfollow, but that can’t help but share every single photo they take, regardless of quality. On the other hand, this potentially dilutes the success of campaigns meaning lower engagement and higher cost of advertising.

Instagram is yet to comment on when or if this feature, will be available to the general public. However, as it’s already being tested in the latest beta, we imagine it can’t be too far off.