How Do I Claim My Facebook Custom URL and Why?

So, your website URL doesn’t have a whole lot of numbers in it, so why would your Facebook URL? Claiming your vanity URL is seriously a no-brainer.

A custom URL gives your page an easy-to-find & easy-to-share URL that looks professional & branded.

For example, which of these URLs would you rather share with potential customers:

This one:


Or this one:


Which do you think is easier to share in print, ads, videos, etc.? Which do you think is easier for potential customers to remember?

Don't worry. You don't need to actually answer me.

What you DO need to do is go claim your page's URL... right now!

Here's how:

How to Claim a Vanity URL on Facebook

Step 1: Go to Facebook's Username Page

Just head to:

Once there you should see this:

Step 2: Choose the Appropriate Page

Click the dropdown next to "Page Name" and choose the page you'd like to claim the vanity URL for.

Step 3: Enter Desired Page Name

Once you've chosen a page, type in your desired username.

Remember -- the username will be the part of the URL that follows "" -- so don't use spaces, symbols, etc.

I recommend using something short, branded & memorable. Your brandname or domain name is ideal.

In this example, I'm working on the "Mo Creative Test" page, so I'll just use "Mo Creative Test":

Step 4: Click "Check Availability"

Here Facebook tells you whether they'll accept your username or not.

If no other page has already claimed it, then you should get a message telling you the username is available.

If you choose a username that's already been taken, you'll get a different message.

Step 5: Try a Different Name or Click Confirm

If the username you chose is taken, then try a different username and click "Check Availability" to see if you can use it.

If the username you chose is available, then just click "Confirm".

Facebook will then show you a "Success" pop-up.

You're all done!

Now your page has an easy to find & easy to remember URL!

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

  • You can change the username of your page only once after first setting it

  • You can't transfer the ownership of a username to another party

  • You can't violate anyone else's trademark rights

  • If you're acquiring a username to sell it in the future (squatting), you will lose it

  • Usernames may be reclaimed for other unauthorised usages

You should also know that Facebook usually requires a page to have 25 Likes before claiming a vanity URL.

Now go stake your claim!