How to Build Powerful Backlinks With Guest Posting

Backlinks are one of the three most important ranking factors in SEO, which means you need to make sure your website has a good link profile in order to rank high on the SERPs. There was several ways to build links and one of the most popular is guest posting.


However, getting backlinks through guest posts is a little tricky because Google doesn’t exactly encourage guest posting for the sole purpose of building links. Here’s a look at how you can gain more links through this strategy:


1. Don’t Use It as a Link Building Strategy


If you use guest posting solely as a link building strategy, you’re bound to attract Google’s attention eventually. Posting poor quality articles in low-authority websites to get links doesn’t work. This technique is sophisticated and requires more effort, but it can also offer greater rewards.


2. Create a List of High-Authority Websites


Backlinks from low-quality or low-authority websites aren’t very useful. It is better to have a couple of links from high-authority websites than fifty links from low-authority ones. Look for websites that offer guest posting opportunities in your industry and focus on ones with great domain authority.


3. Outreach with Your Content


Make sure you have good content with original research and current information. It is worth the effort to create a piece that provides considerable value and doesn’t get lost in the sea of content. Once you have a good article, you will need to send outreach emails to every blog on your short list.


4. Provide a Profile on Your Articles


Google values authority and experience, which is why it is a good idea to include your profile with your qualifications or experience in the post. The profile will appear at the top or at the bottom of your article and help you get your name out there. This is the primary source of all your traffic.


When you guest post, don’t flood your article with backlinks to your website. If you do add a link, make sure it is absolutely relevant to your content. The goal here is to build trust and authority, which will eventually bring more traffic to your website.