How to Identify Crawl Errors and Improve Your SEO

All web pages need to be indexed in order to show up on the search engine results pages. Their position on the SERP is determined by their quality, which is decided by search engine crawlers. These crawlers move through your website and analyse its structure, linking, speed, content, and other such factors. If the bots can’t crawl your website effectively, they won’t be able to rank it. Google will send an HTTP code error to users if their bots aren’t successful. Here’s a look at how you can identify crawl errors:


1. Look at The Reports


There are two kinds of reports to look into in order to find all the crawl errors in the website. The site error report shows errors that occurred in the past 90 days that prevent Google’s bot from accessing the whole website. The URL error report indicates specific errors that prevented Google bots from trying to crawl specific pages on the desktop or mobile versions of your website.


2. Different Types of Site Errors


If your website is functioning well, the Site Error page shouldn’t show any errors. The report will have three error types; DNS, Server Connectivity, and robots.txt. If all is well, they will have green checkmarks. If there are errors, you need to click on the errors to get a more in-depth report. High error rates of 100% in any category shows that there’s something fundamentally wrong with your website. An error rate of less than 100% is an indication of temporary errors or overloads.


3. Different Types of URL Errors


URL error reports don’t often need urgent attention. Some errors mentioned can be ignored but be sure to keep an eye on the page. Google will rank the most important concerns at the top of the page for your immediate concern. The types of errors include Not Found errors, old URLs in the Sitemap, and long redirect sequences.


Once you have resolved the errors, you need to mark them as finished to ensure they disappear from the list. This can help you manage the errors better and help Google crawl better as well.