How To Optimise Your Facebook Page Pt. 1

Facebook is a complex friend to have. Just when you think you have gotten to know them, they change up their face - literally. Facebook is the king of social media and has a wide user base of over two billion monthly active users. While other platforms like Instagram and Twitter are becoming popular, they still haven’t overtaken Facebook in terms of sheer reach and influence. That’s one of the reasons why this platform has become one of the favourite tools used by marketers today.


If you want to gain attention on Facebook, it is important to ensure your account is optimised and suitable for marketing. Here are some tips on how to achieve that:


1. Make Sure You Choose the Right Theme


Facebook doesn’t offer much leeway when it comes to the profile page theme, but it is still important to make it uniquely your own. The tips mentioned below will help you do just that:


·      Make sure you have a relevant and attractive page title. Don’t stuff the title with generic keywords in the hopes of gaining better ranking on Google. That will only do more harm than good.

·      Choose the right header and profile image. You need to make sure the business’ brand is incorporated into the banner well. Using the company logo as your profile picture is the safest bet.

·      Use images that are relevant to your brand on the profile page. It is a good idea to forgo stock images as much as possible to establish a unique brand identity.


These tips will help you establish the right theme and ensure people who log onto your profile are impressed.


2. Use a Vanity URL


Facebook allows you to modify your URL so that it is personalised and relevant to your brand. Don’t use the generic, dynamic URL automatically issued by Facebook, especially if you want to stand apart from the crowd.


A personalised URL will make it easier for the user to find your page on Facebook search. Make sure the URL is similar to the page title and easy to memorise. That will help establish the brand presence and gain more recognition from your target audience.


3. Optimise the About Us Section


Most users will head for your About Us section immediately if they’re curious about your brand. They want to get as much information as they can before they invest time into your company. The About Us section is the perfect opportunity to provide just that. You will only get around 155 characters and it needs to be of the right category. These categories include:


·      Local Business or Place

·      Brand or Product

·      Company, Organisation, or Institution

·      Artist, Band, or Public Figure

·      Entertainment

·      Cause or Community


Selecting one of these categories will ensure your About Us snippet has the right format. Make sure you link your official business website in this page so users have easy access to more information.


An optimised Facebook account won’t just reach a wide audience, but also help elevate all of your marketing campaigns on this platform. If you have a solid foundation, you’re more likely to gain audience trust.