How To Optimise Your Instagram Profile

Did you know that Instagram users are 10 times more likely to engage with an Instagram post than any other platforms? The platform also has more than one billion active monthly users. These are some seriously big numbers, and there is no denying that Instagram is now a must have for ALL businesses.


Many companies and influencers have found great success through Instagram and have a large following on the platform. In order to take full advance of this network, you need to optimise your Instagram account as much as possible. Want the goss on how? I can help:


1. Choose the Right Instagram Profile Picture


This is a very visual platform full of expertly edited pictures and videos. Poor quality profile pictures and logos won’t be able to grab user attention easily. Another pet hate of mine, is logos that are cut off by the circular shape of the Instagram profile picture display. Make sure whatever your profile pic is, it represents your brand or profession well, as it is often the first impression of your brand.


Get your profile pic right and you will clearly convey the purpose of your profile and attract the right audience. Make sure the picture is clean and all details are clearly visible. Don’t choose an image that has too much going on because that will only confuse the users. Remember - most of the time the image is smaller than your wee pinky nail on our screens.


2. Use Your Name


Instagram is a more personal and direct platform compared to other social media networks. That’s why you need to make sure your profile name is either your name or the brand name. For example, Nasa’s Instagram name is Nasa and Chanel’s name is Chanel, it’s a no brainer.


There are many ways for you to incorporate the name into the profile but make sure it is personal and directly connected to the brand. I would refrain from using caps, or adding anything ‘salsey’ in replace of your name.


3. Target Keywords in Description


Instagram allows users to create short and precise bios for their profile. These bios are displayed directly below the profile name and are highly visible to anyone who clicks on the profile page. The best way to optimise this section is to add a few keywords relevant to your interest or brand.


For example, you can choose an attractive description like “Experience the World through the eyes of National Geographic Photographers,” which is used by the NatGeo profile. Short, sweet and perfect for a big dog like NatGeo.


If you’re new or want to create a personal business profile, use short descriptions. For example, a professional watercolorist will use a description like “Artist, watercolours, freelancer, and mentor” in their profile. Such a string of keywords gives people the right idea of what to expect.


4. Always Include a CTA


Most brands or professionals don’t want to be contacted through Instagram DMs because that can be difficult to manage. That’s why it is a good idea to include your website URL, email, or other social media information on the profile page. This will make it easier for people to contact you directly.


Instagram is a different platform compared to other social media entities. It is still evolving and offers several ways to reach your target audience. It is all a matter of finding the right way to utilise it. Need more tips and tricks? Book in for your free consultation call by getting in contact.